Low Clearance Towing

New Jersey Towing provides towing service and roadside assistance in low clearance areas such as parking garages as well as in tight spaces such as busy parking lots or alleyways. Is your BMW, Mercedes, or AWD Subaru stuck in gear, unable to go into neutral, and you don’t want it dragged up a flatbed? No problem. We carry heavy duty dollies on each of our wrecker tow trucks which enables our drivers to tow AWD vehicles with all four wheels off the ground. 

Aside from our state of the art tools and equipment, winch Out New Jersey has reliable staff to works hard to make our service be the truly top notch. We can treat our customers along with great integrity in addition to respect. Also, we offer 24/7 services.

Each of us commits a mistake, thus needing a winch service due to an error occurs from time to time. Like in backing up to a small ditch, went off-road in a muddy area or perhaps tried to drive through a puddle, which turned to a river. Whenever you find your vehicle, stuck in a location that you can seem to get out of and to feel that you are stuck forever, whom are you going to call. 

Contact us for an Affordable and Professional Winching and Towing Service! (800) 4 TOWING